Hiking Trails

Andros, unlike the other islands of Cyclades, is ideal for hiking due to its mountainous nature and the variety of springs that offer a unique experience. In recent years, there has been a systematic effort by the "Andros Routes" network (www.androsroutes.gr) to record, maintain and promote these routes. These actions have increased the number of foreign (mainly) visitors who love this form of tourism. In October 2015 The European Ramblers’ Association granted Andros΄ Paths as “Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe”. This label hides a special system of criteria that takes care of the needs of hikers, makes the attractiveness of trails tangible and thereby guarantees a high standard.

Hikers in Andros can enjoy everything: Old bridges, watermills, valleys or even small waterfalls! You can walk beside rivers (Achla, Vori, Pythara), have the opportunity to admire “stenes” (stone-walled paths) and enjoy a unique view. Some of these routes almost reach the island’s mountain ridge.

In Andros, there have been recorded over 25 hiking trails of varying difficulty that, both experienced and novice, hikers can enjoy. The estimated total length of the hiking paths network is 300 km! In 1997, the Cyclades Prefecture in cooperation with the Andros Agency of Development undertook a project to clear and signpost 12 hiking routes of 85 km long, most of which are located in the central and southern part of the island. Recently, some particularly interesting routes were added in the northern and western parts.